»Virtual S-TEC Summit 2021«

»AI – Made in BW«

The »Virtual S-TEC Summit Meeting« is themed: »AI – Made in BW«. In addition to the latest research findings on machine learning methods for robotics, process optimization, environment detection or quality assurance, you will gain an insight into their concrete implementation. Using various application examples, regional companies will demonstrate the extent to which they transfer the latest methods of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning into practical solutions and processes.

The event has already ended. Look forward to the next S-TEC Summit Meeting in the fall of 2021!

© Ludmilla Parsyak, © Fraunhofer IAO

In the virtual S-TEC Summit Meeting on February 25, 2021, we would like to take a look at the current developments and research findings on the topic of AI and robotics together with you and Baden-Württemberg’s Minister of Economic Affairs, Dr. Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut. A special focus will be on the AI Innovation Center „Learning Systems“ and the Center for Cyber Cognitive Intelligence (CCI) of the Stuttgart Fraunhofer Institutes IAO and IPA. The AI Innovation Center „Learning Systems“ closes the gap between cutting-edge AI research and broad application in the manufacturing industry through technology transfer.

  • 14.00 Uhr | Welcome
  • 14.10 Uhr | Keynote by AI Innovation Center
  • 14.35 Uhr | Pitches on selected studies
  • 14.55 Uhr | Coffee break
  • 15.05 Uhr | Contributions from industry
  • 15.35 Uhr | Impulse by the Minister
  • 15.45 Uhr | Panel discussion
  • 16.30 Uhr | End of the event

In addition to the Minister’s impulse, the event offers you a comprehensive insight into the field reports of specific AI practice examples of cooperating companies from the region. You can also look forward to keynotes, pitches and a panel discussion in which you will be able to share your experiences, ideas and questions with AI experts from business and science.

The two S-TEC centers act as an interface between science and economic application. In application-oriented research projects and in direct cooperation with companies, the centers work on bringing technologies from cutting-edge AI research into broad application in the manufacturing and service industries. In doing so, they support companies in harnessing the economic opportunities offered by AI and machine learning in particular. The transfer of these results into concrete solutions and processes ranges from increasing the performance of machines and equipment to improved production processes, services and new business models. In this context, the topics of explainability, data protection, security and robustness of AI technologies are taken into account at all times.


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