»S-TEC Virtual Open Lab Days« – Rethinking Value Creation

Mass Personalization – Driving force for resilient value creation

Resiliently and sustainably into the future
During the »S-TEC Virtual Open Lab Days« from October 12th to 16th, 2020, participants will receive free and digital practical assistance and impulses on how to master the crisis. On this basis they can prepare for future challenges.

The event has already ended.

© Fraunhofer IAO; Photo: Ludmilla Parsyak

As part of the week-long digital conference »S-TEC Virtual Open Lab Days«, we will demonstrate in various formats how the latest technological developments help companies to position themselves resiliently for future crises. Throughout the event, the focus will be on Mass Personalization (MP), because personalized products and services are a trend in society. The goals of MP are to develop and open up markets for manufacturers by optimally meeting user needs. This can create an important advantage for companies – especially in crisis situations.

Theme days

MP is driven by current technological, social and economic developments, which are also playing an increasingly important role for companies. These include digitalization, Industry 4.0, artificial intelligence as well as climate neutrality and sustainability. We dedicate entire theme days to these drivers in our »S-TEC Virtual Open Lab Days« to answer the most pressing questions. Participants can register for one or more sessions as they wish to gain insights into the topics and discuss them with the experts:

  • Monday, October 12th: New production paradigms for resilient value creation
  • Tuesday, October 13th: Climate-neutral and efficient: prerequisites for tomorrow’s value creation
  • Wednesday, October 14th: Innovative product and production technologies on an industrial scale
  • Thursday, October 15th: Fit for the future: Successfully mastering smart services and digital business models
  • Friday, October 16th: Exploiting the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) for your own company

Selectable formats with different levels of participation

  • E-Lecture: For listeners in a virtual lecture and plenary session
  • Webinar: Interactive seminars for a selected group of participants
  • DigitalDialog: Personal exchange with experts
  • Virtual Tour: Virtual exploration of our laboratories


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