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Planned Center for Ultraefficiency
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The Center for Ultraefficiency aims to promote the modernization of the economy. By setting new standards in production, the vision of symbiotic loss-free production is to be realized. This goes hand in hand with the design of an effective and efficient value chain.

In the context of resource use, the concept of the ultra-efficient factory distinguishes five fields of action in which the potential for improving sustainability lies:

  • Energy
  • Material
  • Emissions
  • People
  • Organization

As part of the centers research work, new approaches to reducing environmental impacts at the process, production, factory site and industrial area levels are being developed together with companies. Digitalization as an enabler is of particular importance here. The networking of machines and production processes enables, among other things, the automated collection of relevant data as well as its holistic analysis. Through our competencies in the area of sustainability assessment, companies are also supported in the identification and evaluation of improvement measures.

Main research topics at Center for Ultraefficiency

  • Analysis and evaluation of processes and company locations using ultra-efficiency criteria to improve sustainability (e.g. with the help of life cycle assessment, benchmarking)
  • Digital, automated environmental data management, e.g. with the help of the digital twin
  • Analysis and evaluation of measures to achieve climate neutrality of company sites
  • Analysis and derivation of measures to close loops
  • Identification of (digital) technologies to increase resource efficiency
  • Development of tools to identify industrial symbioses for industrial sites

Cooperation at Center for Ultraefficiency

Cooperation with the ultraefficiency factory goes hand in hand with direct involvement of interested companies. Users are directly involved from the beginning in order to align the work with the problems to be solved in industry and to ensure a fast transfer into practice. If you are interested in participating or collaborating within the framework of the center, please get in touch with our contact persons.

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