Center for Lightweight Engineering

The Center for Lightweight Engineering develops weight-optimized production systems as well as solutions for the processing and recycling process of multi-material composites.
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The Center for Lightweight Engineering supports the development and implementation of lightweight solutions in machines, plants and production systems. In doing so, the center has three main focus:

  • Constructive lightweight manufacturing in machine, plant and equipment construction
  • Machining technologies in lightweight construction
  • Separating and recycling processes for lightweight materials

The center develops and researches mechanical processing methods (including drilling, milling, turning, sawing) for lightweight materials, multi-material systems and hybrid materials, as well as the necessary accompanying processes such as extraction, clamping and assembly technologies. Another focus is on the development of constructive lightweight solutions for machines, systems and equipment that lead to weight, energy and cost reductions through “radical lightweight design”. Development extends from concepts to support for production engineering implementation. In addition, the center is dedicated to joining, separation and recycling technology by developing joining techniques for innovative material systems as well as separation and dismantling techniques for recycling.

Main research topics at Center for Lightweight Engineering

  • Machining technologies for fiber-reinforced materials, light metals and hybrid and stack mater
  • Efficient extraction and collection of chips and fine dusts
  • Development of environmentally compatible cooling and lubrication technologies
  • Integrated quality control and process control using machine learning
  • Development of concepts for lightweight assemblies and fiber-composite-compatible components from the fields of mechanical engineering, plant engineering and equipment manufacturing
  • Development of approaches for the production engineering implementation of machine and plant components
  • Design-accompanying FEM calculation of lightweight constructions and assemblies made of fiber-reinforced plastics
  • Topology and structure optimizations for mass reduction
  • Sensitivity analyses for the identification of weight and stiffness determining parameters
  • Material-independent separation technologies for a wide range of applications and materials
  • Development of disassembly and recycling processes for multi-material composites

Cooperation at Center for Lightweight Engineering

The center has a “hands-on mentality” and sees itself as a supporter helping companies from the mechanical, plant and equipment engineering sectors to implement practical lightweight solutions. This concerns solutions that can be quickly transferred into innovative products and processes and thus achieve monetary added value in the short term.

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