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The Center for Entrepeneurship and Intrapeneurship supports the cooperation between corporates, SMEs and founders.
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The innovation region of Baden-Württemberg should continue to play a pioneering role in the development of digital technologies. This is precisely where the de:hub comes in.

As a digital ecosystem, the Stuttgart de:hub enables the networking of corporations, SMEs, research and educational institutions with founders. The focus is on topics of digitization and future industries. Taking into account the needs of the different stakeholders, the center is committed to a transparent and dynamic knowledge and technology transfer. Furthermore, the de:hub pursues the goal of enabling broad competence building in the following areas:

  • Smart Products
  • Industry 4.0
  • Mobility

Networking brings together the strengths of all those involved regionally, nationally and internationally.

Main research topics at de:hub

The development of a digital ecosystem is aligned through the following fields of action:

  • Establishment of a competence network and contact point for target groups on the industry-related topics Industry 4.0, Mobility and Smart Products
  • Matchmaking between the various players in the thematic field of future industries
  • Expansion of an internationally relevant innovation cluster for the future industries topic area in Stuttgart
  • Access and transfer of expertise and best practice approaches for topics of digitalization
  • Intensification of cooperation and knowledge transfer between partners and involvement of the general public
  • Addressing national and international target groups, such as founders, investors and cooperation partners
  • Creating transparency about existing initiatives for digitization in the future industries area

Cooperation at de:hub

The development of the offerings is aligned with the prevailing needs of the various stakeholders. To this end, the various stakeholders are involved in order to develop needs-based offerings. In this way, mediation channels for existing knowledge and proven technologies are established. If you are interested in participation or cooperation, please contact our contact persons.


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