Center for Cyber­physical Systems

Cyberphysical systems or the Internet of Things are considered to be a key concept for embedded and mechatronic systems of the future.
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The Center for Cyberphysical Systems is an industry-oriented research and development base for so-called cyberphysical systems. A characteristic feature of cyberphysical systems (CPS) is that information technology elements are integrated with physical components. CPS are considered a key concept for embedded and mechatronic systems of the future. Among other things, they are used in production and in the energy and mobility sectors.

The Center focuses the implementation of CPS concepts in technologies, tools and products. Companies interested in the use of CPS applications are supported by the center in an advisory capacity and with the development of prototypes. In addition, companies can use a development and test environment for CPS and their components as part of their collaboration with the Center for Cyberphysical Systems. It is in close exchange with the other S-TEC centers and other research institutions.

Companies from Baden-Württemberg can apply for Exploring Projects at the Center for Cyberphysical Systems, in which basic implementations, studies, proofs of concept and PoC are carried out in the topic area.

Main research topics at Center for Cyberphysical Systems

  • Development of CPS-based production systems, embedded systems and tools
  • Intelligent sensors and actuators for future production systems
  • Transformation of existing production systems into agile cyberphysical systems based on hybrid edge-based architectures
  • Innovative solutions for system control and integration
  • Optimization of functional safety of autonomous production systems
  • Information and data security in the context of digitized production processes
  • Development of new services and products for the automation and digitalization of production
  • Development of solutions along the entire CPS lifecycle and provision of CPS-enabled toolchains

Cooperation at Center for Cyberphysical Systems

Our developments are oriented towards the needs and problems of our customers from industry and research. Our goal is to accompany you in the high-risk phases of a product or service development. With the help of individual project formats, we support you in the development of new technologies up to a defined level of maturity.

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