Center for Cyber Cognitive Intelligence

Technology consulting as well as development and implementation of AI projects.
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The Center for Cyber Cognitive Intelligence (CCI) is an industry-oriented research and development partner for the implementation of applications in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and especially Machine Learning (ML). The goal of the center is to advance both AI research and the technology transfer of AI and ML into applications.

Due to the networking of production plants and the advancing digitalization, data is becoming available in large quantities. The data is increasingly being evaluated and made usable with ML- and AI-based processes, which offer considerable advantages for industry: On the one hand, performance leaps can be expected in the use of machines and systems in terms of quality, flexibility and efficiency. On the other hand, new automation solutions are emerging. Not least, robots equipped with ML will increasingly find their way into all work and everyday environments.

Main research topics at CCI

  • Production processes: Optimization and control of production processes using AI
  • Quality assurance: Automation of manual inspection processes, parameterization of optical inspection systems, automated measurement data evaluation, self-learning defect detection.
  • Robotics: optimized reach-in-the-box, recognition of people and objects, new assembly solutions
  • Environment detection: gesture recognition for manual assembly processes, documentation of manual laboratory processes, early warning system for the clean room

Collaboration at CCI

The Center for Cyber Cognitive Intelligence is available to manufacturing companies and their equipment suppliers, from start-ups to corporations, and in particular to SMEs, as a central point of contact for technology consulting, development and implementation of AI projects. In order to be able to test and work out initial AI solutions, companies benefit not only from the powerful IT infrastructure and the various laboratories provided, but also from the expert knowledge of the scientists involved. Furthermore, the CCI is excellently networked with regional and international research in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning. In this context, 67 ML Quick Checks have already been realized with various companies. Become an active part of this partner network and contact us.

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