Center for Cognitive Robotics

Center for Cognitive Robotics
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The Center for Cognitive Robotics is led by the Robotics and Assistance Systems department of Fraunhofer IPA. Cognitive Robotics defines itself as physical Artificial Intelligence (AI) implemented in real-world applications combined with data-poor AI methods. This enables both industrial and service robots to perceive their environment and derive actions from it. Cognitive robots »understand« how to solve a task or learn by imitating the human model.

The research work at the Center for Cognitive Robotics currently focuses on two main research areas:

  • »Cyper-Physical Robots (CPR)« are robotic systems that are modular in design and scalable in use. They use state-of-the-art AI and cognitive functions to maximize the use of mechanical and kinematic properties of the hardware.
  • »Robot Perception and Interaction« is about perception and user interaction as central key technologies of future robotics in all application domains. At the same time, these key technologies represent main application areas of AI and machine learning.

Main research topics at Center for Cognitive Robotics

Cyber-Physical Robots
  • Simplification of robot programming for assembly processes (e.g. snap connections in control cabinet construction) through self-learning CPR
  • Computer-aided commissioning and optimization of machining processes (e.g. welding) through self-optimizing CPR
  • Increased availability of robot systems and detection of error conditions through self-healing CPR
Robot Perception and Interaction
  • Robust perception of the environment as well as classification and identification of the objects contained therein
  • Studies on automatic gripping point generation, model-free-grasping and gripping parameter adjustment
  • Algorithms for collision-avoiding manipulation
  • Imitation learning methods to transfer human movements to robots

Collaboration at Center for Cognitive Robotics

In order to align developments with the needs of industry users and to ensure rapid technology transfer into practice, companies are involved in the early development phase as early adopters. Are you interested in the Early Adopter Program? Then please get in touch with our contact persons. You can also find more information here.

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