Center for Biointelligent Manufacturing

Sustainability through intelligent linking of biological principles, organisms and components with technical systems.
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The Center for Biointelligent Manufacturing is an industry-oriented facility for the research and development of technologies characterized by an interdisciplinary integration of biology, engineering and computer science. Biointelligent systems are expected to contribute significantly to a development towards a more sustainable economy and are to be seen as a central concept for a fifth transformation of industry due to the deep integration of biological components.

The research work at the Center for Biointelligent Manufacturing focuses on the creation of new knowledge at the interface between biological organisms and components as well as technical systems, so-called biology-technology interfaces. In addition, the center addresses the implementation of novel concepts in technologies, tools and products. For this purpose, the center provides interested companies with its expertise for consulting and prototype development. For example, there is extensive experience in the ecological and economic evaluation of such systems and optimization solutions based on this.

The Center for Biointelligent Manufacturing cooperates closely with the S-TEC centers and other research institutions.

Main research topics at Center for Biointelligent Manufacturing

  • Integration of biological principles, organisms and components into production systems
  • Biointelligent technologies to enable future production systems for sustainable production
  • Transfer of existing productions into biointelligent production systems by inspiration from nature, integration of biological components as well as design of intelligent interaction possibilities with technical systems
  • Innovative solutions for the production of bio-hydrogen from biogenic residual and waste materials and its intelligent integration into sustainable production systems
  • Transfer of digitalization solutions to biological systems (e.g. digital twin for biological systems)
  • Cell-based sensor systems for high-resolution detection of odor and taste particles
  • Fully automated, personalized on-site, non-expert production and utilization systems (e.g., smart bioreactors, additive biomanufacturing, etc.)
  • Design of novel services, products and forms of collaboration

Collaboration at Center for Biointelligent Manufacturing

The developments are oriented according to the individual needs of the companies. To this end, users are directly involved in order to align the work with the problems to be solved in industry and to ensure rapid transfer. If you are interested in participation or cooperation, please get in touch with our contact persons.


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