Center for Battery Cell Manufacturing

Removal of battery-cells
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The Center for Battery Cell Manufacturing is an industry-oriented research and development base for strategies for sustainable manufacturing and lifecycle-optimized use of modern energy storage systems. For this purpose, the tools of digitization, modeling and simulation are used.

The center has a laboratory infrastructure with networked individual processes in the areas of coating, contacting, electrolyte filling and forming in order to manufacture small series of battery cells in the future. In addition, the center is involved in the development of end-of-life strategies and dismantling solutions with the aim of establishing sustainable recycling management systems for energy storage systems.

The research work at the Center for Battery Cell Manufacturing is focused on the complete digitization of process engineering and business management workflows in battery cell production. In particular, the Digital Twin is being further tested as a toolbox of methods in the construction of evolutionary models and adaptive control concepts in the context of electrode production, electrolyte filling and forming. In addition to digitalization in production, the center is also dedicated to evaluating differentiated cycle strategies and building automated de- and reassembly solutions. Furthermore, model-based decision-making tools are focused on in order to be able to evaluate the areas of application for the reuse of return battery systems.

Overview of the process flow in battery cell manufacturing.
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Main research topics at Center for Battery Cell Manufacturing

  • Simulation-based planning of resource-efficient factories for battery cell production and battery disassembly, taking into account various planning scales and their interactions
  • Resource efficiency in processes for cell production as well as in production and building infrastructure
  • Modularization and standardization in battery cell production
  • Digitalized quality management: quality modeling, process monitoring and traceability
  • Process development: individual processes in cell production such as electrolyte filling and formation
  • Materials research for anode and cathode materials, separators and electrolytes
  • Test and analysis of battery cells and systems
  • Artificial intelligence in battery cell manufacturing

Collaboration at Center for Battery Cell Manufacturing

Our developments are oriented towards the needs and problems of our customers from industry and research. Our goal is to accompany you in the high-risk phases of a product or service development. With the help of individual project formats, we support you in the development of new technologies up to a defined level of maturity.

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