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Additive manufacturing - commonly known as 3D printing
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The Center for Additive Manufacturing is dedicated to the cross-material and cross-application development of additive processes, also known as 3D printing, and their implementation in the industrial environment. In cooperation with companies, the Center for Additive Manufacturing focuses the further development of innovative solutions along the entire additive process chain – from the CAD data set to the finished product.

The work of the center can be divided into four thematic areas: »Additive Processes«, »Hybrid Processes«, »Plant Technology« and »Industrialization«. In the area of »Additive Processes«, the center is researching how material diversity can be further developed. Here, the focus is on polymer-based material systems and technologies for the production of multi-material structures. The area »Hybrid Processes« refers to the combination of additive processes with conventional manufacturing methods. In the research field of »Systems Engineering«, the Center for Additive Manufacturing is concerned with the integration of additive manufacturing (AM) processes into manufacturing environments. »Industrialization« considers the overall process chains of AM processes in the industrial environment as well as the development of business models.

Main research topics at Center for Additive Manufacturing

  • Engineering, design and data preparation for AM processes
  • Analysis of starting materials for photopolymers and thermoplastics
  • Application-specific selection of technologies and equipment
  • Processing of application-specific materials
  • Analysis of printed components
  • Development of new applications through increased component functionality
  • Application-specific development of combined process chains
  • Selection and application of complementary processes
  • Development, set-up and commissioning of pilot plants
  • Application-specific development of functional AM hardware and control technology
  • Use of AM in the industrial environment

Cooperation at Center for Additive Manufacturing

A cooperation with the Center for Additive Manufacturing goes hand in hand with direct participation from the interested companies. On the one hand, this close exchange offers the advantage of aligning developments with the needs of users from industry. On the other hand, the strong cooperation ensures a faster transfer into practice. If you are interested in participating or collaborating within the framework of the center, for instance in the form of Exploring Projects, please reach out to our contact persons. Further information on collaborating in Exploring Projects can also be found here.

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