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The Business Innovation Engineering Center increase the digital transformation and innovation capabilities of medium-sized businesses.
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The central goal of the Business Innovation Engineering Center (BIEC) is to increase the digital transformation and innovation capabilities of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Baden-Württemberg. The methods, tools and transfer formats used to achieve this, offer SMEs a targeted and implementation-oriented entry into the process of digital transformation and take into account their different needs and starting points.

New technologies, short-cycle changes in the markets and changing customer needs: Thedigital transformation poses challenges for many SMEs. At the same time, this is associated with a wide range of opportunities. On the one hand, it is necessary to develop and establish digital products and services as well as suitable business models. On the other hand, the digital transformation requires new forms of value creation, processes, and organizational and management structures. BIEC accompanies SMEs on this path with application-oriented transfer measures as well as scientifically based methods and tools that can be used in operational practice. This holistic approach provides SMEs with sustainable support in their transformation process.

Main research topics at BIEC

Implementing business model innovations

  • Analyze business models and uncover development potential
  • Tools and methods for developing digital business models

Rethinking organization and management systems

  • Agile organizational structures and digital business processes
  • Modern management concepts and management systems

Developing smart service bundles

  • Developing digitally supported products and services
  • Increasing customer value through the targeted use of data

Leveraging data-driven business and AI

  • Identifying potential uses of artificial intelligence in products and processes
  • Supporting the use of AI in SMEs

Using digital technologies

  • Learning about and trying out new technological possibilities
  • Shaping and improving business processes through the use of new technologies

Designing value creation in cooperation

  • Methods and tools for collaborative value creation
  • Shaping platform economy

Collaboration at BIEC

The transfer formats developed at BIEC are created in close exchange with SMEs so that they can benefit from the results at an early stage. These include individual quick checks to analyze potential, demonstrators and tools that make new technologies tangible, topic-specific workshops for low-threshold entry and comprehensive coaching offers. In addition, there is a close exchange with regional partners from all over Baden-Württemberg – such as chambers, associations, networks and business development agencies – to ensure a broad exchange of experience and knowledge.

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