AI Innovation Center »Learning Systems and Cognitive Robotics«

KI für die Umgebungserfassung und Optimierung von Produktionsprozessen.
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In the field of basic research, Germany and especially research locations and universities in Baden-Württemberg are almost traditionally among the strongest addresses. For example, the state of Baden-Württemberg supports Cyber Valley, one of Europe’s largest research collaborations on artificial intelligence (AI), in the AI Innovation Center »Learning Systems and Cognitive Robotics«. In addition to cutting-edge AI research, Cyber Valley is dedicated to the training of excellent young scientists and the promotion of start-ups from the scientific environment.

The AI Innovation Center »Learning Systems and Cognitive Robotics« complements Cyber Valley with the goal of bringing technologies from cutting-edge AI research into broad application in the manufacturing and service industries. This is done by researching and transferring the latest AI and machine learning (ML) methods into industrial solutions and processes. The latter range from increasing the performance of machines and equipment to improved manufacturing processes, services and new business models.

Main research topics at AI Innovation Center

The success of the interaction between humans and intelligent technology is largely determined by trust and acceptance towards AI technologies. For this reason, a central research focus of the AI Innovation Center lies on human-centered AI. For this purpose, research questions on reliable and trustworthy AI as well as for intuitive and sensitive human-technology interaction are addressed. In the area of application-oriented research, the main focus is on the following AI topics:

  • Optimization of production processes
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Quality assurance
  • Robotics
  • Digital Business
  • Service and business processes
  • Future Mobility

Collaboration at AI Innovation Center

Both for collaboration with SMEs in Baden-Württemberg and for technology transfer across the board, Open Lab Days are held regularly at the AI Innovation Center »Learning Systems«: You get an insight into our demonstrators and have the opportunity to talk to experts. This is complemented by low-threshold project formats, such as Quick Checks and Exploring Projects. Quick Checks analyze the feasibility of AI use cases, whereas Exploring Projects serve to implement the use cases. In addition, the AI Innovation Center forms the interface to Cyber Valley for companies, especially SMEs.

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